You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go

CLICK NOWAnna and her family are about to do a great change in their lives. They are about to leave their country and move to a new country. There they will be immigrants. It is not easy to become an immigrant, but it is the best option they have. Their old country is falling apart, and Anna’s parents want a better future for her and her brother. The family arrives to the new country. Everything is new and different. The language is different. The people are different. Even the weather is different! Anna's mother is an engineer.

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But she does not know the new language, so she works in a bakery. Anna's father is a history teacher. But he does not know the new language, so he works as a driver. Anna's brother is still too little, but Anna already goes to school. She quickly learns the words of the new language. She can talk and understands the other kids and teachers. She should be happy, but she is not. The other kids do not treat her the same way. They make her feel different. This makes Anna sad. She likes other kids and wants to have many friends. She tells her mother about it and asks her what to do. "You have rights no matter where you go," her mother tells her. "You are a person just like the local kids." "But …" Anna says, "before you were an engineer, and now you work in a bakery. You do not work at your profession like other people do." "Anna," her mother smiles, "I work in the bakery not because I am a second-class citizen. I work in a bakery because I do not know the language and all the rules well enough to work as an engineer. But do not worry. I will! And so will your father." Anna smiles and her mother continues, "The other kids think you are different. But that is not the important thing. The important thing is that you have faith in yourself and talk with the other kids. Never stop talking and never stop speaking your mind. They will get to know the real you." And Anna does just that. She comes to school every day, participates in the lessons, and talks with the other kids and teachers. At first, some kids give her trouble, but after some time she has a few good friends. And by the end of the school year, she feels part of her new school. She even has her first boyfriend! CLICK NOW